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EDIT 28/03/18: I WILL CATCH UP SOON! But due to life being bit unusually busy at present I cannot 100% say when ‘soon’ will be 😦 apologies…

Missed last couple of Wednesdays, for which I’m sorry – but double whammy this Wednesday with a new short piece from the universe and a diary entry 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and for followers who have stayed around a while sticking with me despite my inability to get a hang of this regular weekly posts malarkey!

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Diary Entry: Judwaa!

And every other Wednesday I will be back, as I had started last year, with diary entries! (This time will try to keep it up!)

August, some years ago, Age 10

Went to get R his bike. Watched Judwaa.

Wow, was clearly so busy living that that day’s entry was super short! Note, this was the original Judwaa, on a VHS tape.

Judwaa was a Bollywood film that came out in the nineties (slightly betraying my age). It was absolutely ridiculous in terms of plot and everything else, but for some reason I loved it. Watched it a stupid number of times. Continue reading