I did it again…

Right, I did it again so we are just going to backdate this to the previous Wednesday and we will take things from there. Maybe a New Year’s Resolution, to get the hang of this?

Here is a cute diary entry, then:

December, some years ago, Age 10

Ooh – closer to Christmas every day! Got an advent calendar. Had carol practice instead of Mathematics. Science (forces* topic) in the afternoon. Spelling homework** for Friday’s Test. Going to have dinner now. By the way – we are going to church for carols and things with people from the school on Thursday! Continue reading


Still trying to get the hang of this…

Life got in the way again! I have missed three ‘scheduled’ days for posts (these are Wednesdays). I debated on how to ‘catch up’ and have decided to simply do them one after the other from later today and then resume regular Wednesday postings from the 29th. I will get the juggling act of full time job and writing right at some point…!

Be back soon 🙂

Ro x

Diary Entry: Judwaa!

And every other Wednesday I will be back, as I had started last year, with diary entries! (This time will try to keep it up!)

August, some years ago, Age 10

Went to get R his bike. Watched Judwaa.

Wow, was clearly so busy living that that day’s entry was super short! Note, this was the original Judwaa, on a VHS tape.

Judwaa was a Bollywood film that came out in the nineties (slightly betraying my age). It was absolutely ridiculous in terms of plot and everything else, but for some reason I loved it. Watched it a stupid number of times. Continue reading


Very quick post just to say, I’ve been really appalling on here – no posts, nothing for months – and I’m really, really sorry. Especially after my hopeful new year’s post.

The reason is because I’m working on The Ultimate Dream – the Big Project – yes, an actual full blown first draft manuscript of a potential (POTENTIAL), dare I say the word itself, novel.

I do want to continue with this blog as well, though, so I need to work out how to juggle the day job, life, The Ultimate Dream and my Sugar Fuelled Scribblings. It might take a while, however!!

To all those who follow, or stumble upon this blog and read my old posts, thanks, as always, for stopping by 🙂

Ro x

Update (of sorts)

So I was supposed to be doing doing diary entries on Wednesdays – this has totally failed and only I am to blame!! My battle between work, life, this blog and other creative pursuits continues. Maybe that should be my new year’s resolution – to master the balancing act!

will return to the diary entries – just as soon as I find the first volume, which I’ve managed to lose. This will not come as a surprise to those reading this who know me.

Er, anyway, in other news, I received a rather cool book for Christmas which is supposed to help me come up with new blog posts. It’s filled with prompts…

So, watch this space!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x


‘What Makes You Happy?’ – Part 1

Listening to raindrops, accompanied by the shrieking wind, pounding against the window whilst I sit wrapped in the warmth of a huge blanket.

Immersing myself again and again into my favourite fictional worlds, each visit affording new discoveries.

The smell of my parents’ home as I step over the threshold, the perfect blend of spices, incense and comfort that I have never not known.

The phenomenal taste of my mother’s dal dhokli, best described as an Indian pasta dish, exploding against my tongue in all its tangy, sweet glory

Singing karaoke at the top of my lungs alongside my closest friends. Continue reading