Diary Entry: Palace of Versailles

February, some years ago, aged 10

Hi! Parc Asterix was not open*. Went to Louis 14 palace**, and on a cruise near Eifil*** tower. 

On river Siene***! Fun! Had guided tour at palace – an English tour by a man with a funny accent (might be a French accent) guided us all around. The fancy clock was real great!


*NOOOOOOO! These were the days before Google so I guess there can’t have been an easy way of checking. My parents still ensured we saw some excellent stuff and their last minute planning to still give us a good holiday is an inspiration. Still haven’t been to Parc Asterix, and had forgotten it existed until started reading these…must add it to the current bucket list!

**I mean the Palace of Versailles



‘Funny accent’…I’m so sorry if you’re reading this and you are French. It is merely a child’s writings and TRUST ME it is not me turning my nose up at an accent (I am a bilingual second generation immigrant, so, I get it!).

‘Real great’…stellar grammar right there. Also, I remember being utterly fascinated by that clock and wanted one for myself. It was an astronomical clock with all sorts of cool functions. I’ve been back to the Palace of Versailles since, as an adult, and specifically looked out for this clock and loved gazing at it again!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x





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