Diary Entry: ‘…had to clean my window.’

Hellooo realised I missed a diary entry and did an extra bit from the fantasy universe again last week, so here’s a Wednesday (yes tad belated!) diary excerpt to get things back to track, obviously ignore if my childhood memories aren’t a massive appeal (would not blame you. I personally just find the contents hilarious):


December, some years ago, aged 10

Going to Pizza Hut later. Just woke up – having milk. Testing some old cassettes* without covers. Mummy won’t let me watch Alice in Wonderland. Watching Home Alone 2**. Then I’ve got to clean my window…cleaned my window. Had dinner – bed.

*Yes, cassette tapes! Who remembers THOSE?!

**I love how I am annoyed about not watching Alice but clearly being allowed to finish the film I’m watching. Obviously I enjoyed watching films, because there are a fair few mentions of which films I’m watching throughout this diary…though current relaxedness possibly as was Christmas hols.

Re cleaning window, meant the sill. Had a wide sill and whole thing accumulated moisture…

Annnnyway thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x


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