Diary Entry: Parc Asterix!

A bit belated, but here is last Wednesday’s diary entry 🙂 I will be back on track from the following Wednesday. Enjoy…

February, some years ago, aged 10

An early start this morning, because we’re going to PAH-REEE (Paris) in France! Parc Asterix*! We’re all packed up in the car now to go to meet our Ferry in Dover. We’re waiting for PaPa** at the moment, then we’re off! Dozed off, a bit. Getting boring, but having fun with with the ‘Pizza Pooch recorder’***! We are on the Ferry for 12:05pm. Our car went in, then we came up, and we’re all settled. Mummy’s got some tea for PaPa. We’re off! Me and R are eating + drinking. We’re here! We’re now in the car, waiting for the signal, to go! It’s going to be sooo fun! You could see France nicely****.

*I absolutely LOVE the Asterix comics!! Even still!! I read my first one at age seven and hooked ever since 🙂

**I was changing this to ‘dad’ but have been advised by R to stick to using the actual word I use 😊

***I think this was a toy we got at a pizza hut meal? (Like the toys you get with a McDonald’s happy meal)

****I belive I meant from the deck of the ferry…!

Thanks for stopping by 😊
Ro x


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