About Me

UPDATED 14/02/18

A summary of the actual content, so you can decide for yourself to read or not:

My blog has evolved over a year and a half of random creative writing to the last six months being the only slightly not so random:

Alternate Wednesdays: short stories from my very own fantasy universe

Other alternate Wednesdays: trips down memory lane (extracts from the diaries I kept aged 9 to 18)

In between: all kindsa creative writing: poetry,  other short stories, writing prompt exercises, anything and everything both when the creative juices are flowing and to GET them flowing!

And that’s how I mean to go on though the day job sometimes exhausts me to the point where I do fall behind, not gonna lie, but will try to improve this.

And a bit about me.


I’m a ‘millenial’ living in England with a passion for creative writing and an unrelated day job. It’s in healthcare. It’s a job I took on as the reasonably clever daughter of first generation immigrants (moved from the East to the West). You can, I am sure, work out the rest.

I am not ungrateful for my day job. It has afforded me lots of great things. However, the plan is to one day write creatively full time. This blog helps keep my creative juices flowing for now, and maybe one day something big will come together from it all. That’s the dream.

Here is the most gushy piece on my blog which probably still represents my current sentiments, despite being old now.

The other thing about the day job is that it can be completely exhausting. It is full time PLUS shifts on top. Add to that life commitments and sometimes all my creative juices seem to be sapped. But I’m trying, because I know that pursuing the dream whilst not easy, has the potential to be so incredibly worth it one day. Even if that day is still years away!

I always appreciate constructive comments so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of any of the stuff I’ve written.

Thanks so much for stopping by, whoever you are.

Ro x



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