Rain, onions and grandma’s stories

The below should have come out on Wednesday – apologies!

More from the universe of my own creation 🙂

Gina raised her eyebrows at the stall holder when he named his price and he immediately raised his hands in defence.

“Miss, if I sell them to you for any less, I’ll be making a loss, I swear it. Costs for all of us have gone through the roof, ask anyone!”

Gina sighed, and resignedly drew the requested coins from her satchel. She dropped them in his outstretched hands, shaking her head at his ‘thank you’s. A few minutes later, her basket full of carrots and onions, she continued down the path and turned a corner. The sky was a twilight orange, with rapidly shifting clouds dappling the sunlight filtering between the rows of earthen brick buildings, some three floors high. Continue reading


Friends at Play

The following short story is from a universe of my own creation, which I am building bit by bit. As such, it is close to my heart. I hope you enjoy it! Expect more from this universe every other Wednesday (opposite to diary entry Wednesdays).

“It’s the king, stupid. See the jewels in his turban?” Karim said, prodding the piece of paper clutched in his new friend’s hands with the wooden stick he had been using as a pretend sword. “And that’s you lot.” He shifted the wooden stick slightly to indicate the swarms of people sat around the central figure.

Sayem frowned down at the drawing, which made ‘his lot’ look quite dirty and ugly. “We don’t look like that.” Continue reading