Poem: ‘Glittering Blue’

Away over the glittering blue

Her gaze sweeps unseen.

Tears trace salty tracks

Even as the brine-infused breeze

Dries them before journey’s end.

She sighs, saddened, wishes for

The surity of his calloused hands

But they are frozen deep

Within that glittering blue.

Inspired by the cliffs on the Jogasaki coastline, which is in fact very beautiful and pleasant to walk along 🙂 Next travel blog post will be up before the end of the week, promise!

Ro x


2 thoughts on “Poem: ‘Glittering Blue’

  1. I really like how you kept the sea/salt imagery running throughout – not just in the sea itself but even within her tears. Gave a nice sense of completeness to the whole poem. Brine-infused breeze struck me as a particularly lovely turn of phrase. The ending of the poem reminded me of the final few scenes of Titanic, in which Leo slips away into the deep…

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    1. Thank you very much 🙂 came up with the brine phrase randomly when was trying to describe the smell of the sea (which I love despite not liking seafood much) to one of my friends.

      I wasn’t thinking of Titanic at all but now you mention it, it is reminiscent of it! 🙂


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