Writing Prompt Exercise: Fortune Cookie

“Write yesterday’s fortune cookie. It got everything wrong.”

Er, might have missed the point of the above but it inspired the below short piece – enjoy!

Fortune cookies are funny things, aren’t they? They’re either ridiculously cryptic or they’re so simple they’re scoff-worthy.

Last night, I had the girls over for take away and mine said: “You will marry your lover”.

I, of course, had outwardly scoffed and inwardly glowed – that’s the other thing. If they’re what you want to hear, then you still get a warm fuzzy feeling.

Amy had looked over my shoulder and squealed with glee. “It’s meant to be!”

“Don’t be silly,” I had replied, the blush in my cheeks betraying my own silliness. We’d been seeing each other for approximately three weeks and sleeping together for one of those. Had it been as mind blowingly fantastic as I had dreamed over all the months of accidentally-on-purpose brushed shoulders and locked eyes in the library? Erm, maybe not quite, but he was pretty hot and it wasn’t bad. I had high hopes for the future.

So, fast forward to this morning, when a few words on a little screen toppled all of those hopes into the ground. My bleary eyes, still sticky from sleep, could barely believe it.

“Hi, Ria. It’s been a blast this past month, but I think we should stop seeing each other. All the best, Alex.”

All the best?

After reading it twice, it sank in and I was momentarily upset, before I flicked over to Instagram and noticed a new post – it was him, his arm locked around a redhead I’d never seen or heard of, and several rage-inducing hashtags underneath ranging from ‘My baby’s finally back!’ and ‘Reunion’ and the positively barf-worthy ‘Missed her so much’.

Within minutes I was on the phone to Amy, furiously ranting away.

We have a pretty good revenge plan.

So, yeah. Whatever they may be, fortune cookies aren’t always the most accurate.

Hi all! Right, all of my scary work related exams are OVER, the big ultimate dream project is well underway to a point where I can re-devote some time to this lovely little blog, which I have been neglecting for far too long.

Also – I am now on Instagram! I draw (amateur), as well, so check it out if you fancy. Will plan on posting about new blog posts on there also.

Hope you enjoyed the above, constructive comments always welcome 🙂

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

p.s. Credit where it’s due, prompt is from this lovely book – ‘642 Tiny Things To Write About‘.



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