The Brave Princess

Rough and unpolished, but wanted to get it on here. Another from the universe of my creation…

“Hundreds of years ago, there was a brave little girl just like you girls, who grew up to be an extraordinarly brave woman,” the nurse smiled at her three charges, 

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Impulsive piece: ‘Just a small clearing…’

The next piece was written very freely. I did not follow a prompt. I just started with a clearing in the woods, very typical sort of setting used in many stories, and then went where my mind took me. I tried, once I realised where it was taking me, to simply get inside her head, to go with the flow of her thoughts.

It’s just a small clearing in the woods behind the ruined house that was once home, but it is everything.

I come here to rest, to dream, and to plan a life I may never know. I don’t know how the soldiers do not know of this place and I do not care because as soon as I start to wonder about how the soldiers operate I get angry. When I am angry I cannot rest, dream, and plan. Continue reading