‘Ode To Home’

Having been abroad in Asia for almost four months now (check the travel blog here!), I have recently have been struck, unexpectedly, with that familiar ailment known as ‘homesickness’…
(I’m such a homebody actually expected it sooner than now, to tell the truth!)
So, here’s a silly little something I came up with, not supposed to be very serious!
Scones and tea,
The patter of the rain,
Cool grey skies,
A pretty country lane,
Curry and chips,
Prices staying the same,
Same, same but different –
Oh, to be home again…

Don’t worry, not bringing forward the flight back or anything just yet. Far too many things planned for these final few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x

P.S. Dave (my partner) seems to think this isn’t an ‘ode’. I thought it was. So I said, ‘Let’s ask the world!’ So – if anyone has any opinions, do tell!

P.P.S. Did anyone ‘get’ the penultimate line?! 😀