Poem: ‘To Bloom’

The opening
of a flower
Brilliance, colour, and life,
Reflecting water, light, and space –
All that made

Okay so this is really similar to a previous post.

I think the rather pathetic origin of my obsession with flower metaphors derives from Continue reading

Poem draft: ‘Revenge’

So in the whirlwind of travelling I am neglecting this blog – not good! I promised I wouldn’t, but the days slip by so fast, and then suddenly I realise I’ve not posted in over a MONTH?! Many, many apologies…


Here’s a poem to disperse the tumbleweed.

Loving words roll off a lilting tongue,

Slipping him sweetly into her waiting arms.

He is floating, feeling forgiven, and is

Entirely oblivious

To her waiting gun.

I hope after this one in turn to post a sequel from mum’s point of view to this and then one of those awesome 50 word stories I keep seeing cropping up here and there. At least a post a week. There, I’ve committed now! I will try super hard to stick to the plan!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Suggestions / comments on this one especially welcome as still in draft form. At some point (e.g. a year after commencing blog, like an anniversary thing) will accumulate draft poems and do a post of improved versions 🙂

Ro x

Poem: ‘Glittering Blue’

Away over the glittering blue

Her gaze sweeps unseen.

Tears trace salty tracks

Even as the brine-infused breeze

Dries them before journey’s end.

She sighs, saddened, wishes for

The surity of his calloused hands

But they are frozen deep

Within that glittering blue.

Inspired by the cliffs on the Jogasaki coastline, which is in fact very beautiful and pleasant to walk along 🙂 Next travel blog post will be up before the end of the week, promise!

Ro x

Poem draft: ‘Confidence’

She would have liked to have lived

as she dreamed, deemed as brave

awake as in slumber,

As wise in day as in darkness,

As sure of intent and as pure of heart

as her subconscious counterpart

but alas! She lacked

not these virtues, nor good sense,

she simply had not the


Playing around / experimenting 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

Ro x

Poem draft: ‘Balance’

If we sit

Too long,

We suffocate…

If we run

Too far,

We lose our way.

If we speak

Too loud,

We risk offence…

If we stay

Our tongues,

We are oppressed.

If we love

Too much,

Our hearts may break.

But if we love

Too little,

Isn’t that a mistake?

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Polite/constructive comments welcome as always 🙂

Ro x

Poem: ‘Famous Stories’

Okay, so, I wasn’t sure about this one, but thought I’d post it anyway.

I do not actually know all the technical terms for describing poetry or verses and so forgive me if this sounds a bit dense, but the part I’m specifically not sure about is the word ‘theories’ and how it works alongside ‘stories’.

Anyway, here it is 🙂

Twists, turns,

And hard-won glories…

Rewarded triumphs,

And allegories…

Proven myths,

And shattered theories…

Thus are wrought

Our famous stories.

Thanks for stopping by and constructive/polite comments always welcome.

Ro x

Poem: ‘The Reluctant Bride’

This is an old poem I wrote quite a while ago. I’m not quite sure what to make of it now but thought it was worth putting on here, anyway!


A crimson sun, a sea of gold, reflecting

the weight of duty,

a burden, an obligation.

Somewhere, tucked in shadows,

a gift, a hope, a candle flickers

and dies.

The last glorious rays are visible, just.


Thanks for stopping by. Polite and/or constructive comments always welcome.

Ro x

P.S. I note I have a few followers already – thanks so much, means a lot to know there are people out there who are reading my blog and want to know when there’s something new to read –  I hope my posts are worth your while 🙂