Diary Excerpt: New Glasses


April, some years ago, age 9

Today, we did puppet plays in the theatre, in front of Miss Jamieson’s class! I think ours was really good. Everyone liked it. I got some new glasses today! I rather like the shape and frame! Anyway, I’ve had my dinner and, we’re just mucking about. I’ve been on the computer lately. Soon I’m going to bed. Boy, I can’t wait till tomorrow!

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Diary Excerpt: ‘Asian Gathering’


April, some years ago, Age 9

Today was great! We went bowling, and then we went to an asian gathering, for the harvest festival. We had dinner there, and we danced. I’m at home now. Tomorrow, we start practising our puppet plays!

It’s a Wednesday….diary excerpt time!

We are still treading the benign waters of my pre-adolescent years, and will be doing so for quite some time. Hope you enjoy đŸ™‚

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Diary Excerpt: Puppet Plays

April, some years ago, Age 9

Today, we got to watch Miss Jamieson’s class do their puppet plays! We have to do ours as well, next week. Ours is called ‘the wild dog chase’. I’m going to have dinner soon.

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