Poem: ‘To Bloom’

The opening
of a flower
Brilliance, colour, and life,
Reflecting water, light, and space –
All that made

Okay so this is really similar to a previous post.

I think the rather pathetic origin of my obsession with flower metaphors derives from Continue reading

‘Ode To Home’

Having been abroad in Asia for almost four months now (check the travel blog here!), I have recently have been struck, unexpectedly, with that familiar ailment known as ‘homesickness’…
(I’m such a homebody actually expected it sooner than now, to tell the truth!)
So, here’s a silly little something I came up with, not supposed to be very serious!
Scones and tea,
The patter of the rain,
Cool grey skies,
A pretty country lane,
Curry and chips,
Prices staying the same,
Same, same but different –
Oh, to be home again…

Don’t worry, not bringing forward the flight back or anything just yet. Far too many things planned for these final few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x

P.S. Dave (my partner) seems to think this isn’t an ‘ode’. I thought it was. So I said, ‘Let’s ask the world!’ So – if anyone has any opinions, do tell!

P.P.S. Did anyone ‘get’ the penultimate line?! 😀

Poem draft: ‘Revenge’

So in the whirlwind of travelling I am neglecting this blog – not good! I promised I wouldn’t, but the days slip by so fast, and then suddenly I realise I’ve not posted in over a MONTH?! Many, many apologies…


Here’s a poem to disperse the tumbleweed.

Loving words roll off a lilting tongue,

Slipping him sweetly into her waiting arms.

He is floating, feeling forgiven, and is

Entirely oblivious

To her waiting gun.

I hope after this one in turn to post a sequel from mum’s point of view to this and then one of those awesome 50 word stories I keep seeing cropping up here and there. At least a post a week. There, I’ve committed now! I will try super hard to stick to the plan!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Suggestions / comments on this one especially welcome as still in draft form. At some point (e.g. a year after commencing blog, like an anniversary thing) will accumulate draft poems and do a post of improved versions 🙂

Ro x

Poetry draft: ‘A Witch’s Visit’

I’m back!!! WordPress was banned in China but now in Hong Kong…see sidebar for the travel blog, there’s an update 🙂

Here’s a poem draft to kick things off! See what you reckon…I made up ‘Rivenbrook’ (or so I thought…I made it up using common bits of English village/town names) and a quick Google reveals it’s an electronics store somewhere, lol.

This is the first time in years I’m attempting to use rhyming verse to tell a story (last time was at school!), I’d like to get better at this, as I think it’s a really fun type of poetry!

A Witch’s Visit

On one fine golden autumn day,
When leaves turn red and brown,
A young witch did visit Rivenbrook,
’Til then a prosp’rous town.

Seeking to join the harvest feast,
She came not to trick or con,
But witches are of ill repute,
And the people wished her gone.

“You’re not welcome!” came the cry,
Not one man wished her there,
And they refused to hear her speak,
As she walked towards the square.

Her heart then filled with fury
At this unjust discourse,                                                        
And cursing all of Rivenbrook,
She left with no remorse.                                        

That eve a spark of fire,
Strayed too far and set alight
First one thatch, then another,
And soon the town burned bright.

The night was filled with terror,
And with dawn tolled the bell,
Survivors spoke in hushed voices,
Of the witch’s “wicked spell”.

No-one remembered their spite,
Or the witch’s affronted look,
And witches are still unwelcome,
In the remains of Rivenbrook.

My partner particularly didn’t quite think one verse flowed that well (he liked the concept/rest of it!), but I thought I’d put the whole thing out there as a draft and see what you guys think! The title is a working one also.

I am SO GLAD to be back and will be reading all of what I’ve missed soon on my favourite blogs 🙂 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Ro x

Poem: ‘Glittering Blue’

Away over the glittering blue

Her gaze sweeps unseen.

Tears trace salty tracks

Even as the brine-infused breeze

Dries them before journey’s end.

She sighs, saddened, wishes for

The surity of his calloused hands

But they are frozen deep

Within that glittering blue.

Inspired by the cliffs on the Jogasaki coastline, which is in fact very beautiful and pleasant to walk along 🙂 Next travel blog post will be up before the end of the week, promise!

Ro x

Poem: ‘Her Heart’

Sweetly scented and late to bloom,

Petals unfurling shyly, blushing,

Cautious of not emerging too soon,

Her heart.

Playing around, not brilliant but wanted to get back into writing again whilst out here and had to start somewhere! Inspired by, weirdly, some of the early blooming cherry blossoms out here.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Ro x

P.S. First post on travel blog is up, link is on the side 🙂

Poem draft: ‘Confidence’

She would have liked to have lived

as she dreamed, deemed as brave

awake as in slumber,

As wise in day as in darkness,

As sure of intent and as pure of heart

as her subconscious counterpart

but alas! She lacked

not these virtues, nor good sense,

she simply had not the


Playing around / experimenting 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

Ro x