When you held out a hand to stop me, I protested. I wanted to get away from the taunts and jeers as quickly as possible and panicked when you not only ignored my protests, but grabbed my shoulder and turned me around to face my tormentors.

 Usually you would just be whispering to me to ignore them as we hurried along together, but I guess something snapped that day. You turned round right alongside me, and when you shouted back at the chief tormentor with as much wit and fervour as her (and a wider vocabulary range), it wasn’t just my jaw that dropped open in astonishment. Two hot pink spots of colour appeared on each of the chief tormentor’s cheeks as she struggled how to respond, and her two lackeys looked to her in confusion. After that, I knew they would never bother me quite as much ever again, and I also knew that I would hold onto our friendship forever. Thank you.


Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x


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