Writing Prompt – see the pic!

New sort of prompt! This appeared on one of my personal social media feeds as a writing prompt. Never done a writing prompt from a pic before, was fun! Nice, short one:


“Girls can do anything boys can do, AND they can do it in a dress and heels!” – she had used the classic retort  when her brother had remarked that he didn’t think she would be up to the task of helping him split the firewood, something their mother had suggested. She had felt very superior when she said it, and even more so in agreeing to his immediate challenge for her to prove it. However, staring upon the task at hand, she wished she had kept her mouth shut.

“Changed your mind?” her brother teased, leaning on his own axe.

She threw him her best withering glance, then resolutely marched towards the pile of logs.


Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x



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