Betrayers of the faith

Another Wednesday and another piece from the universe I’m trying to create 🙂

This one isn’t as slick as I’d hoped, could do with some more tweaking, but see what you think!


“Hurry up, hurry up!” Lea said, unable to stop her voice from cracking in fear. She could hear both boots and clip-clopping hooves marching ever closer, and knew within moments there would be a loud, insistent knock on the door of their house.

“Hush now! I’m going as quickly as I can,” her husband admonished, pulling the last book from the shelf and dropping it into the chest that lined the wall under the front room’s window. He then closed the wooden lid with a creak and Lea threw the plain blue blanket and cushions she had been holding over it. Now, it appeared like nothing more than a simple wooden window seat. Continue reading


Writing Prompt – see the pic!

New sort of prompt! This appeared on one of my personal social media feeds as a writing prompt. Never done a writing prompt from a pic before, was fun! Nice, short one:


“Girls can do anything boys can do, AND they can do it in a dress and heels!” – she had used the classic retort  when her brother had remarked that he didn’t think she would be up to the task of helping him split the firewood, something their mother had suggested. She had felt very superior when she said it, and even more so in agreeing to his immediate challenge for her to prove it. However, staring upon the task at hand, she wished she had kept her mouth shut. Continue reading

Broken Promise

I regret that evening every single day. If I could turn back the clock, I would, of course I would. The look on your face when I turned away for the final time, to follow my new, cool ‘friends’ to the party is forever etched in my memory. The saying is that ‘time heals’, but if anything, your features grow sharper with each passing month. More disappointed, more astonished, more…hurt.

That is the worst part – remembering the pure and simple hurt of my broken promise etched in your widened, too-bright eyes and downturned mouth and your red cheeks. Continue reading

I did it again…

Right, I did it again so we are just going to backdate this to the previous Wednesday and we will take things from there. Maybe a New Year’s Resolution, to get the hang of this?

Here is a cute diary entry, then:

December, some years ago, Age 10

Ooh – closer to Christmas every day! Got an advent calendar. Had carol practice instead of Mathematics. Science (forces* topic) in the afternoon. Spelling homework** for Friday’s Test. Going to have dinner now. By the way – we are going to church for carols and things with people from the school on Thursday! Continue reading