Diary Excerpt: Daisy Chains

May, some years ago, Age 9

Today, we played outside ‘cos it’s Sunday. I made a daisy chain but R ruined it. Well, it doesn’t matter. Had dinner. For lunch we had noodles. Went swimming. I think I might be moved up in swimming. Anyway when we tucked R into bed, he started coughing and was sick. Mummy thinks he may have caught a bug. Hey, it’s bank holiday Monday tomorrow. Wonder what it will be like. Today I got 50p pocket money.


I’m sorry this is a day late! I’ve just started NaNoWriMo and losing the plot slightly…

R is to replace my younger brother’s name. Look what a caring sister I am – commenting on his illness so objectively then moving right on to wondering what excitement bank hol Mon holds in store! Probably still pissed about the daisy chain ruining…R, you know I love ya!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x


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