Diary Excerpt: The Tudors

April, some years ago, age 9

Going on a trip! We’re going to the museum, to learn about Tudors. Just started to drink my milk. I can’t wait till the trip! Went to the trip! First we did object handling. Then we explored the stone hall and done some dancing, in front of the mayor. At home I’m, well I was watching the Flintstones.

Wednesday, therefore diary time!

I have three main things to comment on this week’s entry.

  1. The apparent enthusiasm and staggered writing of the entry. Did not realise I would write multiple times as a particularly exciting day progressed…
  2. The horrifically incorrect use of the word ‘done’ instead of ‘did’. Even though this entry is from the age of nine, it still makes me cringe…
  3. We danced in front of the MAYOR?! What kind of school trip WAS this?!

Also, the Flintstones!!! I used to LOVE that show…ahhh gotta YouTube me some of that now.

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x


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