Diary Excerpt: New Glasses


April, some years ago, age 9

Today, we did puppet plays in the theatre, in front of Miss Jamieson’s class! I think ours was really good. Everyone liked it. I got some new glasses today! I rather like the shape and frame! Anyway, I’ve had my dinner and, we’re just mucking about. I’ve been on the computer lately. Soon I’m going to bed. Boy, I can’t wait till tomorrow!

Another Wednesday, another diary excerpt! I realised I have enough material to do this every Wednesday, rather than every other, so will do this instead…click ‘Diary Entries‘ on the side for all of them together 🙂

So looks like our puppet plays went well. Now that I’ve cast my mind back, I think ours was about saving a dog from a dog-napper. Think the puppet I made for it might still be kicking about somewhere…if I find it I’ll post a photo!

And srsly, ‘Boy, I can’t wait’??? I can only assume I was reading something with this sort of phrasing in it at the time…

And wow, to think the short sighted-ness that is the bane of my existence was once looked upon with positivity…

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x


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