When you cry, anxiety seeps through my mind to the point where it is saturated, unable to contemplate anything other than  alleviating your suffering, and I wonder sometimes if you cry simply because you know this. When you laugh, a contentment such that I have never known before spreads through every inch of my being, warming me in a way that even the most golden of sunbeams cannot. I love you.

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Writing prompt exercise: ‘The tea had gone cold…’

Happy New Year folks! 😀

Starting 2016 off with a traditional writing prompt exercise 🙂

So this one has ended up, I feel, a scene that would be near the start of the story rather than an excerpt lifted from the middle. I think it just about works as a stand alone too. Hope you enjoy!

The tea had gone cold, as usual. Gina sighed, and picked up the mug from the desk.

“Marc, you haven’t touched your tea,” she said quietly. She didn’t get a response, but then, she hadn’t expected to. When Marc was poring over his research, he entered his own world, a universe separate from the reality around him. He forgot to eat, to drink, even to acknowledge his family, much less engage in meaningful conversation with them. Continue reading