I am at the edge
Of a cliff face.
An ocean of possibility ahead…
A woodland of security behind…
And the wings of responsibility
Dragging behind me.

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‘First betrayal – and revenge…’

As I strike the match, it makes a soft hissing sound, a bit like she made when she caught sight of me in your doorframe, home a day early to surprise you. I watch the flame sputter and flicker against the howling wind for a few seconds and realise I cannot remember what happened between that moment and now – rage has rendered me amnesic. But as I give the match a casual flick towards the rainbow-tinted moat surrounding your precious ‘wheels’, I know I will remember the satisfying sound of your scream from the upstairs window forever.
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Writing Prompt Exercise: ‘He Led Me Down An Alley…’

Hi all!

Alright, so today’s post is a bit of a special one, because the friend with whom I do my ‘writing prompt exercises’ has recently joined the blogosphere and so would like to welcome him! Woohoo – do check out his awesome blog here 🙂 I am sure he will find the blogging community as supportive and inspiring as I have done so far!

Our most recent writing prompt exercise was ‘he led me down an alley…’ – yes, yes, a bit dodgy I know 😛 You can view my friend’s version here and below is mine – enjoy! Very light-hearted one this week, hope it makes you giggle as much as I did whilst writing it… Continue reading

‘First Heartbreak’

When I read your words on the monitor, insultingly written in shorthand, for a split second my lungs seem to stop working and I’m drowning, gasping for air – and then the tears come, unbidden, unwanted, but they come all the same. I slide down the door onto my bedroom floor and my body becomes a barrier to others, for the moment, until the storm in my mind settles to a gentle, steady rain. Then I will accept the embrace of those who mean well and will assist in soothing the dull ache you have left in my bones. Continue reading

‘First Love’

When I am waiting for you on our corner, hopping from one pretty heel to the other, humming our song under my breath, checking my lipstick in my brand new compact, I feel as though my heart has new wings it has not quite learnt to use – and when you appear, smiling just for me, one hand raised in a wave as the other runs through your decorum-defying hair, they beat a little too strongly and I blush, my greeting catching in my throat.
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