Poem: ‘To Bloom’

The opening
of a flower
Brilliance, colour, and life,
Reflecting water, light, and space –
All that made

Okay so this is really similar to a previous post.

I think the rather pathetic origin of my obsession with flower metaphors derives from Continue reading


Impulsive piece: ‘Just a small clearing…’

The next piece was written very freely. I did not follow a prompt. I just started with a clearing in the woods, very typical sort of setting used in many stories, and then went where my mind took me. I tried, once I realised where it was taking me, to simply get inside her head, to go with the flow of her thoughts.

It’s just a small clearing in the woods behind the ruined house that was once home, but it is everything.

IĀ come here to rest, to dream, and to plan a life I may never know. I don’t know how the soldiers do not know of this place and I do not care because as soon as I start to wonder about how the soldiers operate I get angry. When I am angry I cannot rest, dream, and plan. Continue reading

Writing Prompt Exercise: ‘He sighed, and looked towards the sky…’

Hello! I’ve started a new job since returning from my travels and have been settling into a new apartment. Hence, there has been another long gap in posts. However, I recently started discussing writing exercises with a friend again and so here is a new post, hopefully to kick of a new era in which I post more regularly on here once more, as I did back when I started the blog – for real, this time.

This was supposed to be 500 words but to conclude it satisfactorily, I went quite a bit over. There was no time limit.

He sighed, and looked towards the sky. There was still no hint of any cloud, and the endless blinding blue stretched almost mockingly to meet the scorching earth at a slightly shimmering horizon. His head swam, both from the heat, and from ever growing fear. Continue reading