50 Word Story: ‘Courage’

Hi folks! Ok, so a bit later than I said, and the 50 word story challenge first, but still…enjoy!

Liam sees the rifle nudge her back, a warning.

“Do it.” The soldier is impatient.

Liam’s gaze flicks to his own revolver, pointed at his father, who is still resolute in The Cause.

Suddenly, his wife finds courage, swings an elbow – makes contact.

Liam repositions, fires, and all three run.

It occurs to me it’s not really a 50 word ‘challenge’ as such, I think others just say ‘here’s a 50 word story’ but because I found it REALLY HARD, I think that’s why I’m using the word ‘challenge’ :s

As it’s my first 50 word story, feedback is massively appreciated 😀

Thanks for stopping by!

Ro x


3 thoughts on “50 Word Story: ‘Courage’

  1. This is actually one of the best 50 word stories I’ve ever read, and that’s not even an exaggeration. I find these SO hard but you did fantastically! You gave us characters in a difficult conflict, made us care about them by hinting at the relationships between them, and had one of the characters make a risky but life-changing choice in just 50 words! This was AWESOME! You should definitely try more of these! I hear there’s such thing as a six word story as well, but it’s beyond me how people do those! 😊


    1. Thanks so much!!! So it made sense then?! I was concerned I was trying to fit too much into 50 words, you see – but your comments are very heartening 🙂 Will definitely have another go! Haha six words?! I shall have to have a little look and see what other people have done with that one, but sounds very difficult…! Thanks again 🙂

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