Off to China!

Our time in Japan is coming to an end, next stop is China! Have heard rumours WordPress is intermittently blocked out there, so rest assured I will still be writing, but if over a week or two passes without any posts, it is likely I have encountered a problem. You can then expect several at once in a few weeks 🙂

Click here for the travel blog if you’ve not checked it out already! 🙂

Ro x


3 thoughts on “Off to China!

    1. Hey! Nice to meet you 🙂 Starting in Beijing for a few days, then joining a 21 days g adventures tour (‘Essential China’) which goes via Shanghai, Xi’an, Guilin to name a few, and ends in Hong Kong, where we’ll stay for a few extra days. Very excited! Click on the travel diary link in the side bar for the blog I’m attempting to keep detailing our trip 🙂 Will check your blog out now. Have you been to China? 🙂


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