Apologies! Am about to head off on an adventure…

I’m sorry for the lack of posts! And also just to warn you – there may be a continued lack of posts for several days.

Essentially, my partner and I are taking a career break to go travelling for four and a half months – the adventure starts in a few days. So we have spent the last few days packing up everything in our flat and moving it into storage, sorting out last minute paperwork, and so on and so forth.

I plan on keeping a blog of our experiences – it will read as a travel diary rather than as a super-informative travel blog, but I think it will be pretty entertaining. I’ll put a link on the side, too.

We start in Japan, then go to China, and then cover most of South East Asia. Very, very excited!

I will aim to keep this blog updated anyway – just going through a busy period – whilst away. I’ll occasionally link from here to new blog posts on the travel diary too.

Hope to settle into a routine again on here after we’ve started the adventure 🙂


Ro x


2 thoughts on “Apologies! Am about to head off on an adventure…

    1. Hey! Thanks so, so much 😀 we reached our first destination safely and I’ve posted about it on the new blog 🙂 off to go read whatever I’ve been missing on your blog now!

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