Writing Exercise: Feeling Hopeful

Writing exercise time! This time my friend and I decided not on prompts but an idea – a scene where the character is doing something but also experiencing an emotion or feeling. For me, it was somebody ‘taking a walk’ whilst feeling ‘hopeful’. I am still categorising under ‘writing prompt exercise’ for now as believe it belongs there nonetheless.

No minimum word count, but not longer than 500 words.

As Ana opens the impossibly clear glass door and step outside into the quiet, tree-lined street, she breathes a big sigh of relief. The country’s famously indecisive sky has turned an ominous mix of grey and orange, with a light rain beginning to fall. This doesn’t bother her – the air smells fresher now, and Ana hums a little as she opens her pocket umbrella, ready to head to the hotel to meet her mother.

She still can’t believe how easy that was. For the best part of three months she has been worrying endlessly about this interview, practising with anybody willing, and – she thinks of her brother – sometimes unwilling. All the worry was needless. The twenty minutes she just spent earnestly discussing her passions with two strangers in this foreign land (in her second language!) seemed to go more easily than some of the conversations she’s had with her own mother.

It ended well, too. Everyone told her to expect the firm handshake and an ‘I’ll be in touch’, that it didn’t mean anything, but surely the clearly impressed look that passed between her interviewers, and the warmth of their smiles counted for something greater than politeness?

As Ana is about to emerge onto the main road, she pauses, turning to look at the university building once more, impressive against the strange, bright clouds. The dreams she has had since childhood are finally starting to feel real.

She knows she should be realistic but as she turns and joins the throngs of people surging down the main road, looking every bit the local with her elegant grey coat and her dark umbrella overhead, she can’t help but smile. 

Erm, okay, so I am unsure if this really followed the brief haha, but it was fun to write 🙂

All (polite) feedback welcome, specifically please let me know if the present tense works or not.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Ro x


2 thoughts on “Writing Exercise: Feeling Hopeful

  1. I think this is great, I also love the whole ‘writing prompt’ idea. It’s a great way to get the cogs turning and produce some really good short pieces, like this one!

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    1. Thank you very much 😀 Absolutely, writing prompts were an alien concept to me until I took some casual creative writing evening classes and now I love them 😀

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